Nova Corps – WIP 1

Nova Corps 1

Here are the guys before I started working on them again this week

I started painting these guys a while ago now. I have been intending to use them as proxies for MERCS while I wait for the MERCS Recon game to arrive at some point in the future. Between these guys and the IMEF Marines from my Reaper Bones pledge I figured I would be able to provide enough unique minis that I could get some games going with my friends.

When I finished Kyra last week I decided I would pick these guys up again and continue where I had left off, which was primed and then airbrushed blue all over. Two of the minis had had some grey painted on the cloth under the armour plates, but otherwise they were all basically blank blue slates.

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The purpose of this blog

Welcome to My name is Luke Gardiner, but online I usually go by the name Rustkill.

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an online record of my journey through various hobbies.

As a perfectionist I find myself leaving too many projects by the wayside, victims of the fear of failure. I intend to use this blog as a motivator. To encourage me to work on the projects I always put off and to remind me of how much I can achieve and how far I have progressed.

I also hope that it might inspire others to work on their own projects; The same way I have been inspired by others on the internet.