Nova Corps – WIP 2

NOVA Corps prototype - Front

NOVA Corps prototype – Front

Just a quick one to show off the first finished NOVA Corps mini. I decided that if I was going to get anything done worth posting this week I’d need to just work on a single NOVA Corps mini so I decided to use this one as a prototype. There’s not much too him, but I’m happy enough that I will use the same colours on the other troops too. He’s just got some edge highlighting as well as an orangey visor and green pipes which were both only about 3 colours in the end.

NOVA Corps prototype - Back

NOVA Corps prototype – Back

The Black Mist

After two coats of black

After two coats of black

This week I decided to take a break from my NOVA Corps troops and participate in the Monday Miniatures project that runs over at The guy there nominates one (or occasionally more) of the minis from the original Reaper Bones collection per week and anyone who is interested can paint up the mini and send him a photo. He then posts all the submissions. It’s his way of motivating people to regularly paint their Bones minis. I’ve never participated before, but this week’s mini seemed like one that I could actually get done in a week, so I gave it a try.
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Nova Corps – WIP 1

Nova Corps 1

Here are the guys before I started working on them again this week

I started painting these guys a while ago now. I have been intending to use them as proxies for MERCS while I wait for the MERCS Recon game to arrive at some point in the future. Between these guys and the IMEF Marines from my Reaper Bones pledge I figured I would be able to provide enough unique minis that I could get some games going with my friends.

When I finished Kyra last week I decided I would pick these guys up again and continue where I had left off, which was primed and then airbrushed blue all over. Two of the minis had had some grey painted on the cloth under the armour plates, but otherwise they were all basically blank blue slates.

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